Friday, October 15th, 2010...4:42 am

Now is a Great Time to Plant Azaleas

‘Autumn Sunset’ and ‘Autumn Embers’ Encore Azaleas by pawightm

Fall is an ideal time to plant azaleas as well as Encore Azaleas! See here.

Plant azaleas as well as Encore Azaleas in fall to enjoy flowers until first frost and allow time for roots to establish without damage from extreme temperatures. In some areas, summer can be too hot to make planting azaleas fun, while fall is just right. Also, plants may appear dormant during winter, but they are working hard at creating stronger roots and new flower buds for spring.

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  • You might be surprised to discover that Autumn Sunset(TM) and Autumn Embers(TM)’ are not the cultivar names. They are trademark names and as such should not be in single quotes. The cultivar names are ‘Roblen’ and ‘Conleb’ respectively. You can go to the Encore(R) Web site for confirmation.

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