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Nature’s Garden in Ansel Adams Wilderness Area (Photos)


Two readers of TheGardenLady blog are avid hikers who say they are attempting to hike every trail in the Sierras as well as other California trails. Every weekend they try another trail or part of a trail. They love the native flora and fauna they meet or see on these trails as well as the spectacular scenery.

Their most recent hike, on the weekend or August 13, 2011, was in the Ansel Adams Wilderness Area, which is located in the Inyo National Forest (see here) near Mammoth Lakes, California in the Eastern Sierra. Hiking from Agnew Meadows to Thousand Island Lake, where they camped for the night, the trip was an approximately 16 mile loop, taking the River Trail there and returning along the High Trail (aka Pacific Crest Trail).

They sent all the photos that you see on this to share with all the readers.  Enjoy.

What they refer to as Nature’s Garden (aka the wildflowers) was primarily located on the High Trail (PCT), approximately 3 miles north of the Agnew Meadows trailhead. Some of the flowers they saw included alpine lily, corn lily, great red paintbrush, lupine, Mariposa lily, monkey flower, and larkspur.

TheGardenLady looks forward to more flower photos from these avid hikers who love California’s native flowers. Thank you.

If other GardenLady readers have similar experiences, please share your photos with us. Include a brief comment on where the photos were taken along with some information about the plants.

A PDF guide to wildflowers in this region can be found here.

Good websites to find information about Sierra wildflowers can be found at the following sites:

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