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More Beautiful Gardens: Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden, Narangestan Gardens and Monet’s Garden

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Shiraz Naranjestan Garden (Bagh-e Naranjestan) by R. J. Witonsky

There are so many gardens that this GardenLady loves that I could continue writing about gardens to visit that I have visited or I would love to visit for many posts. Recently, TheGardenLady has written about gardens including Butchart Gardens, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation, Stourhead, Saihojo and Keukenhof. Let me know if readers of TheGardenLady blog want me to continue mentioning extraordinary gardens. And by all means, TheGardenLady and the readers of this blog would love to hear about gardens you know and love.

One garden that TheGardenLady and her children visited is the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden in Seal Hrobor, Maine. Because it is still used as a private home, the gardens are only open a few days a year. So if you know that you wilI be visiting Seal Harbor in the summer when the gardens are open, by all means try to get reservations.  (see here)   There are a few other wonderful Rockefeller gardens that you can visit when you are in this area. (see here)

A garden that I visited many years ago that I would wish to visit once again should there ever be peace in the world is the Narangestan Gardens or Bagh-e-naranjestan in Shiraz, Iran. This is a small garden or Bagh in front of a magical house of mirrors. (see here)

A garden that I dream of visiting one day is Monet’s Garden in France.

After seeing Claude Monet’s paintings of his garden, who wouldn’t want to visit his garden?

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