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Macy’s 2013 Flower Show


This week TheGardenLady went to Macy Department Store’s annual flower show in Manhattan, NY. This year the theme is The Painted Garden.

Because Macy’s is doing renovation work in the store, this year like last year, they had the main part of the flower show in a tent behind the store. The tent is set up on Herald Square.  Luckily when I visited, the line was very short going into the tent so that when I got into the tent that was filled with flowers, I was able to get close enough to see the displays without much difficulty.

The photos on this post could be taken without too many people obstructing the view. I cannot imagine what it is like if the line of people were longer. There are so many flowers in the tent, there is barely room for people to walk around. And I was lucky when I looked at the decorated windows because there were not too many people surrounding them.  I was able to get close to every window display. Unfortunately the glare on the windows made it difficult to take photos of all of  these window displays.

Indoors Macy’s had a few smaller displays. The huge shoe made of plants and filled with flowers was on the 2nd floor in the shoe department. It was my favorite flower arrangement- the shoe was made of succulents and the shoe was filled with beautiful flowers, like a vase.

The Painted Garden theme in the tent seemed to be a small vision of India and SE Asia. Though there were a great variety of flowers and plants used, the flower artists created a lot of the floral art with the succulent plant, kalanchoe.  (see here)

If you want to see The Painted Garden, the display will be up until April 7th. (see here)  And Macy’s Department store looks really nice with all the renovation they have done; so don’t miss going indoors.

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