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Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Garden

Very beautiful. Quite a few years ago a gardener of bonsai chrysanthemums worked his craft at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. It was filmed and shown on one of the PBS stations. Maybe this year I will try growing. Thank you for the inspiration.

Recently TheGardenLady received the above comment regarding a post on TheGardenLady blog about chrysanthemums.

For more information about the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens show that was held in October entitled Kiku:The Art of the Japanese Garden you can watch their video above to see how the Botanical garden got ready for the special chrysanthemum show.

In an article put out by the New York Botanical Garden it tells the different Japanese traditional Kiku styles as well as modern styles. (see here) Kiku is the Japanese word for chrysanthemum (see here)

Let us hope that this Chrysanthemum show becomes an annual event at the New York Botanical Garden.

A delightful video on YouTube about the chrysanthemum history in Japan is here:

TheGardenLady looks forward to more interesting comments about gardens and gardening from readers of the blog.

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