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Is it a Sambucus?

Sambucus nigra – vlierbloesem by AnneTanne

TheGardenLady received another request from Linda to identify one of her plants from this photo below that she sent.

What plant is this?

TheGardenLady had no difficulty identifying Linda’s cactus.  The Epiphyllum or Orchid cactus was easy to identify because of its unique leaf and also because there was a small flower showing in the photo (see here).

This photo of a plant is a more difficult plant to identify without the flower. The leaves are opposite so that limits the number of plants it could be. But if you had sent a good photo of a flower, that would make identifying the plant easier.

Did you plant this plant? Or is it growing wild in your garden? Are there larger plants or shrubs that are the same that are in your garden or in the area where you found this plant?

Superficially, my first guess was that it was in the Sambucus or elderberry family (see here). But that is just a guess because my Sambucus has shinier leaves than your photo.

I will have to call on readers of blog to help identify this plant. Please readers, if you can tell us the name of this plant, we would greatly appreciate your help.

If no one knows this plant, would the person who submitted this question send another photo when there are flowers. Take a good, clear photo of the flowers.

When you plant new plants in your garden, it is always best to put a name tag with the plant and/or keep a diary with diagrams and names of plants and where you planted them.

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