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How to Use the Internet to Find Gardening Information

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If you wish to do gardening, plant or insect and pest research on your own, TheGardenLady wants to suggest a few ways to get the best, most up to date information on line.

The first is to check out what the extension offices have written on your subject of interest. When Googling up your topic, add the word extension at the end of the word/s you type in the search space and you will get a list of papers put out by various Agricultural extensions at different universities. For example, do you have skunks making a nest in your basement window wells? A friend did and contacted me about what she should do. I told her to call small animal control in her town. However, if you want to see what else might be recommended or if skunks don’t interest you but you are interested in rose care, type in Skunk extension or rose care extension and a list of papers from university researchers on the topic of your interest will appear.

The government offers excellent source material. You can type government at the end of the word you are searching. For example, invasive plants government

Garden and plant societies have good information online. If you are interested in azaleas or perhaps African violets, type in azalea society or African violet society to see what information these organizations have to offer.

Then consider nurseries for information about plants or seeds. Many nurseries will provided excellent information about the plants they sell. They want repeat business, so it is in their best interest to give you the information about what they sell. For example, if you want to know about herbs, Richters herbs has been in business for a long time. They not only have information on line, but they have the added service of allowing you to contact their specialists about any herb questions you might have. This service is free.

There are some excellent blogs about gardens on line. Some of my favorite nurseries, that I have recommended on TheGardenLady, I am proud to say have started their own informative blogs where you can get information and have your questions answered. New blogs are Carolyn’s Shade Gardens and Georgia Vines.  If you contact them, let them know that you heard about their blogs on TheGardenLady blog.

Hope these resources help you when you have gardening problems.

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