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How to Grow Beautiful Plants in a Conservatory

Cacti at Princess of Wales Concervatory by Suviko

Conservatories have long had a bad rap in the gardening world. Caught somewhere between a greenhouse and an extension, they have a reputation for being the refuge of the passive gardeners who like the idea of getting up close to nature but aren’t so keen to get personal.

What many people may not realise, however, is that conservatories can offer innumerable benefits to green fingered gardeners who are struggling to cope with the erratic behaviour of UK weather. Not only do they allow us to get some outdoor time without running the risk of being caught in a torrential downpour, they also allow us to grow plants which might not have survived being planted outside, but which aren’t suitable for a greenhouse. If you’re looking for conservatories Lancashire is home to several great providers, including the Lytham Window Company.

The Benefits of Growing in a Conservatory

Modern conservatories are able to better regulate their temperatures, remaining consistently pleasant all year round. High end conservatories also boast a wide variety of other features, such as solar control polycarbonate (often used to make sunglasses), good ventilation and high performance glazing for outstanding heat retention. This makes them the perfect place to perfect your plants, as you will find that you are more able to maintain optimal conditions for growing.

Suitable Plants for Conservatories

A conservatory, just like any other enclosed space, can only maintain one environment at a time. This means that when you choose which plants you’d like to grow in your conservatory, you should take care to select from the same group. It would be nigh on impossible to nurture succulents in the same conditions as hardy citrus; the former requiring a middle heating range, the former requiring a cooler environment. However the types of plants which you can grow in a conservatory are numerous and varied, so if you want some variety you will most likely be able to find a good selection of complimentary plant types.

Caring for Your Conservatory Plants

Because a conservatory is essentially an indoor space, your plants will need a bit of extra care that outdoor plants may not require. These care options include:

  • Water Misting
  • Feeding
  • Controlling Light and Shade
  • Controlling Temperature and Humidity

Providing you are able to keep an eye on these elements, there’s no reason why your conservatory plants shouldn’t thrive and provide you with the ultimate outdoor experience – indoors.

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