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How To Choose The Right Garden Furniture


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Getting your garden furniture right is an important part of making your garden a place that you want to spend time. Having uncomfortable or ugly furniture can make you reluctant to relax and enjoy your garden, or make you embarrassed to bring people out into the garden. The furniture you choose can have an effect on the way that your garden feels and looks too, depending on the colour, material and style you go for.

What Do You Need?

Consider what you want out of your garden furniture, do you want to be able to hold dinner parties outside? Or do you just want to lie out and enjoy the sun? How many people will use it?

You should also make sure that you know how much space you have so you don’t buy something too big for your garden.

The Material

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing garden furniture. Think about your priorities, whether you value style over durability and how much effort you’re willing to put into maintaining it.

Wooden garden furniture is among the most popular material for outdoor furniture as it can stay out all year long, looks stylish but does require maintenance. It needs treatment and regular inspection. Rattan furniture, while it used to be made of wood, is now made from resin and offers a good alternative to those who want the look of rattan but without the maintenance.

Metal garden furniture can give an air of the English country garden as it is usually wrought iron and is twisted into scrolls are swirls. They work particularly well as bistro style tables, but may need maintenance when it comes to things like rust.

Plastic garden furniture is good for those on a tight budget. While it may not look the best, they are easy to look after and don’t take up too much space.

Keeping In Style

It’s important to keep your garden furniture in the same style as the rest of your garden as it can jar if your flowers and borders say English country but your furniture says futuristic. Treat your garden as you would any other room: keep it consistent, and consider the way the garden flows from one space into the other.

Storage Space

Some furniture needs to be kept under shelter, either indoors in the house, garage or shed or even under a cover to protect it from the elements. Some furniture such as resin rattan furniture can be left outdoors all year round, whereas some metal and wooden furniture might be too heavy to move indoors.

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