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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with that Special Person

V-Day on Flickr by CCCvrcak

V-Day on Flickr by CCCvrcak

Valentine’s Day is coming up and TheGardenLady is sure that many of her readers are thinking about what to give your girlfriend, wife, mother or significant other.

Roses? How lovely.

Have you thought about giving an orchid this year or at least going to see an orchid show? Take your love to the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden or the International Orchid Show in Santa Barbara, CA or an orchid show in your area. Give her the tickets on Valentine’s Day and then go to the show when you have the time.

You are thinking that even though the economy is very bad, you still really want to give a bouquet to your love. But expensive flowers just are not in your budget. So think creatively. TheGardenLady loves all flowers. Yet lots of people stick their noses up when they hear of carnations. But carnations can be an inexpensive but colorful alternative to other expensive flowers and carnation flowers last and last and last- outlasting most other cut flowers . When TheGardenLady shops for food at her local Shop Rite Grocery store, carnations are an incredible buy. In fact, for what it would cost to buy a bouquet of one of the more expensive flowers, one can fill an entire boudoir (: a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room) with carnations. Wouldn’t that be a lovely surprise for romance?

Perhaps this Valentine’s Day, you want to be even a little more creative than just giving flowers. Remember the NJ Flower Show is on Valentine’s Day this year and there are free tickets for the day. You can buy flowers, plants or a gift there. And even if your budget allows you to buy nothing- you and your Valentine will spend a wonderful day among the flowers. Surprise her with a picnic lunch and a nice bottle of wine to eat on a free bench while admiring the floral exhibits at the flower show.

Or perhaps you would like to do something else to celebrate Valentine’s Day. How about a date with something to do with plants? For example, take a Bonsai class. If you live anywhere near New Hope, PA, Rosade Bonsai is where TheGardenLady took her Bonsai lesson. Not only will you and your partner have fun creating your own Bonsai, you will come home with your own creations. Call Rosade Bonsai to make arrangements for a class or check to see if bonsai is taught in your area.

Or how about taking your Valentine to a class in floral arranging? These can be western flower arranging or Japanese flower arranging. Not only will you two have fun, but you will leave with your floral arrangements and possibly the beginnings of a career change if you enjoy doing this type of work. In Oregon and Washington check out the Floral Design Institute.  In California try Flower Duet.  In Mass. there is the Rittners School of Floral Design.

Places that give floral arranging classes are listed in the Yellow pages of the telephone directory or call your local florist to see if they can recommend a place to take lessons or if they give lessons.

These are just a few thoughts TheGardenLady has on something to do for your Valentine.  If TheGardenLady’s readers have other Valentine suggestions that has to do with plants, especially ideas that don’t break the piggy bank, send TheGardenLady your ideas.

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