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Honey Bee Troubles!

Bees are in Trouble! by Richard Elzey

TheGardenLady just read the most recent articles on the death of the honey bees and other bees. (see here) The death of bees has been a concern for a number of years now, but the most recent articles are saying that this year is the worst ever – that beekeepers are seeing death rates of up to 50% of their honeybees.

TheGardenLady wrote about the frightening loss of Monarch butterflies overwintering in Mexico this year. So TheGardenLady is writing this column  to beg readers PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT use pesticides in your gardens or on your grounds this year. And please spread this advice to everyone you know. Get your kids to talk about what is happening. Make it a local issue that will grow into a national issue and finally into an international issue.

If you are buying new plants, check their hardiness against pests and only buy those plants that are pest resistant. But if you already own plants that attract problems, get rid of them or use what is referred to as IPM or Integrated Pest Management- which is a method of pest management that uses the least amount of pesticides and tries to use organic methods to kill the pest problems. It uses a variety of methods that won’t harm beneficial insects or animals or humans. (see here)  Buying pest resistant plants is just one of the tactics of IPM.

There are horticulturists who do not recommend planting fruit trees in your home garden. Fruit trees are high users of pesticides in order to bear fruits.  Commercial growers have to use pesticides or they wouldn’t get orchard crops. But the organic growers are using the Integrated Pest Management, IPM, techniques which are not only safer for customers, but are safer for those who work in their orchards.

Again, TheGardenLady urges, begs, pleads with readers of this column- Use No Pesticides. Let us clean up the toxicity on our planet to bring back healthy bees, butterflies, birds and animals for the welfare of all.

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