Monday, January 23rd, 2017...7:51 pm

Herb Society: Coriander is the Herb of 2017

Getting excited about getting your garden started? Do you like to grow herbs? This year the Herb Society has designated Coriander/Cilantro Coriandrum sativum as the herb of 2017.

Consider adding cilantro to your garden or plant it in a pot to grow on your deck or patio and/or if you have the right lighting, you can try growing cilantro indoors. For directions on growing cilantro, most companies that sell the seeds, like Burpees, have good planting directions (see here).

If you love herbs, also consider joining the Herb Society (here or here) – and attend local, national and/or international meetings to meet other
herb enthusiasts and learn more about herbs.

Above is a video made recently about Cilantro being named herb of the 2017 year with interviewer David Moss who prides himself on being
quite the cook! and has been around our TV world forever.

And if you want some lovely recipes using cilantro, check out the blog Simply Recipes. I especially like the cilantro pesto recipe because it
is simple to make and does not have any dairy in it so I can serve it to my vegan friends.

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