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Help Save the Planet- Build an Arboretum

Arboretum by Pictoscribe – Home again

If you would love your community to have more greenery, a pretty space with plantings- perhaps you could start a community arboretum. If one thinks that starting an arboretum in your town or city can’t be done on a small scale, think again. A new arboretum was recently started in Linwood, NJ on just 1 acre.  It was the vision of a retired gentleman and his wife who saw the 1 acre property for sale that held a defunct electrical substation surrounded by barbed wire and cyclone fencing with a concrete building.  No one seemed to know how to best use this property.  Mr. Lacy, who is now 77, proposed building an arboretum on it. (read this)

What is an arboretum? It is a botanical garden devoted to trees.

So Linwood Arboretum was started just 5 years ago in Linwood, NJ. To take an ugly plot of land and create a little bit of paradise for the community you live in as well as for the world at large seems so idealistic and idyllic. Perhaps this winter while you are dreaming of gardening, your dreams can be a little larger and include your town or city. I am sure that should you want to start such a venture, the people at Linwood Arboretum would be eager to give advice- gardeners are the most helpful people. Perhaps you, too, can leave a legacy of an arboretum.

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