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Great Gardening Books

Are you thinking of giving a gardening book as a gift this season?  Or are you asking Santa for a gardening book for yourself? There are some excellent books for people of all ages and all levels of gardening experience. Here is a list of some of the publishing houses that have published  gardening books that TheGardenLady recommends.  Check around for the best prices after you have chosen the books you want. The prices listed on their site might not be the cheapest price on the market.

DK Publishing House is one of my favorite publishers of books in general and has an incredibly good selection of books on plants and gardening.  I think that any gardener might want the “ RHS A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants” or the American version “AHS A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants” (AHS stands for American Horticultural Society whereas  RHS stands for the Royal Horticultural Society).

There is Fulcrum Books.  One title on their list that looks cute is for kids called “Grow your own Pizza”.

Rodale Press is known for their publications that are on organic gardening.  A good guide  for eradicating weeds and pests organically is their “ Insect, Disease and Weed I.D. Guide”

Sterling Books -  This is the press that puts out the excellent Brooklyn Botanic Garden series and the Expert Garden series.

Storey Press -  They have The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible that sounds very informative.

Timber Press has a number of good books on their website. One of their best sellers is called, “ What’s Wrong with my Plant? And how do I Fix it?” This is a book with organic remedies. They were the publishers of Michael Dirr’s “Hardy Trees & Shrubs” book that many people consider the finest book out there on the subject. Any book by Michael Dirr is excellent and he has published with other presses.  See here.

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