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Global Warming and Gardening


TheGardenLady received these questions from Jen:

Are there any plant related reasons to worry or any precautions to take about the unseasonably warm November and December we’ve had on the East Coast so far this year? Is the weather going to mess up the natural cycles of native trees and plants? I’m mainly concerned because I see buds on some trees already.

As TheGardenLady wrote, this issue is of major concern to scientists.  TheGardenLady is interested in what scientists are saying and will periodically report on this topic.

The other day a Rutgers professor was quoted as saying that in NJ gardeners are to expect more flooding because of more major rains yet he said there will be more droughts.

Today there is a 3-day symposium  at the New York Botanical Garden called “Gardening in a Changing Climate,”  This is open to the public.  In this week’s New York Times  there was an article by ANNE RAVER about some problems entitled Must Tulips Wither as the Climate Changes?  It is about nursing plants through new highs and lows in a changing climate.

Here is a website to check on the impact of  climate change in all areas including agriculture in your state is EPA Global Warming by State.

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