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Gardening In Maine Near Acadia National Park


Acadia National Park – Photo taken by beforethecoffee

TheGardenLady received this question from Clive:

I am a UK citizen and live in England.  Recently I purchased some waterfront land looking out towards Acadia National Park, in Down-East Maine. In the next year I hope to have an all-year-round house built on the land, which I hope to visit a few times each year. For the most part the land is wooded with some cleared areas going down to the tidal beach, with a deepish gulley as the boundary to one side of the land going down to the water. I am keen to find about any plants that I could introduce. I intend to keep the land (apart from a small grass-mowed area around the house) in a ‘wild’ state for the benefit of the plants and wild-life. Can you suggest any plants/shrubs/trees etc., that I might consider planting – given the fact that they will not be tended? The total area of land is about 7 acres. Any help that you can give would be much appreciated.

Congratulations on getting a summer home in one of the prettiest states in the US and wanting to garden there.  As a Brit. I feel certain that you will create a showplace. My suggestion would be to plant plants native to Maine. Of course, you can plant other, non-native plants, but this column will support planting native plants.

Whenever you move to an area, the first suggestion is to walk around the area to see what locals have in their gardens and to visit gardens of the area. A website that gives public garden sites in all areas of Maine is this. Then when you see plants that you like and that you think will grow in your garden, check out the native plant nurseries in your area.

An excellent site for nurseries is here.  However, the date of the publication is 2002.

You should consider planting a garden to encourage native animals.  See here.  I know that England is not happy with our native grey squirrel taking over. And you might  become unhappy with the deer population in this country. As much damage as the deer do in my garden, I must admit that TheGardenLady still gets a thrill when she sees these magnificent animals – or any animal- in her garden.

Be careful when planting to check out the list of plants that are invasive or becoming invasive.  Read this about invasive plants.

However, consider planting plants that are becoming rare in Maine to help restore disappearing flora and with these plants you will be helping the native fauna.

A great site that gives native plants of every state in the US, including Maine, is this.

And finally, your best resource which is free is to use is your Master Gardeners – the extension service that will answer any of your gardening questions. If the telephone number on this page is not for the MG office nearest you, they will tell you where to call.

TheGardenLady and her readers would love to see photos (with the names of the plants) of the garden you create.

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