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Garden Shows in the US and Abroad

Philadelphia Flower Show

This is the time of year when everyone living in cold wintry areas want to rush the gardening season. To that end, to help with your dreams of your own gardens, there are Garden Shows coming up all over the country – and world. Plan your vacation around some of these Garden Shows. For example, the Philadelphia Flower Show in Philadelphia, PA and/or the Chelsea Flower Show in London, England are two flower shows everyone should attend at least once in your lifetime.

Philadelphia Flower Show

In this harsh economic times, it is amazing that some of these shows are still being held. They are very expensive to create. Support the shows by attending. It is a wonderful outing for a day.

TheGardenLady sent you a location for a free pass to the NJ Flower Show (see here). TheGardenLady also tried to find other discount tickets. Some of the Flower Shows are not that expensive and some do have discounts.

In the past TheGardenLady purchased her discount ticket to the Philadelphia Flower Show, which calls itself the world’s largest indoor exhibit, at the Acme Supermarkets. Acme is one of the sponsors and has discount tickets to the show at their store’s office. There are other stores offering discounts to the Philadelphia Flower Show that are on the website.

Macy’s Flower Show

The Macy’s Flower Show is 100% FREE. If you have never gone to the Manhattan Macys , don’t miss going to see the show when/ if you are in Manhattan. Walk around the outside to see the flower arrangements in the windows. Then go indoors to see what they say has more flowers than any other show in the world. Flowers are changed every few days to keep them fresh. When TheGardenLady went to the show there were volunteers that give free guided tours – check for them.  See this.

TheGardenLady wrote about the Chicago Flower and Garden Show and would love to attend. I found out that if you go with a group, you can get a discount.  See this.   Group of 15 tickets will get a discount and 1 free ticket.  See here.

TheGardenLady did not know about this Garden Show in NJ. So she wants to mention it and that there are also group discounts. Also, you can create your own window box flower arrangement and enter their window box competition if you are artistic.  See here.

Throughout the US there are Garden Shows in many states. Some of the
locations are: Arkansas,  Cincinnati, Ohio, California , near Lake Tahoe
, Other Western States, and in Iowa, where you can get free admission if you volunteer.

Then there are Garden Shows around the world: An International Flower Show is in Melbourne, Australia.

Chelsea Flower Show

If you are in London DON’T MISS the Chelsea Flower Show.  It is one of the most wonderful of Garden Shows. But be forewarned the crowds are formidable. Try to get there the first day. If you are a member of the Royal Horticulture Society, you not only get their outstanding Gardening magazine but you also get discounted tickets to the show. And in the past, members can get in on the first day when the masses can’t. I believe that the Queen of England gets in first that day. If you can’t get there that first day, get there EARLY on the other days – when the gates open.

Chelsea Flower Show

Here are two of many sites advertising cheap tickets, one comes with airfare.  See here and here.

There are other website listings for discount tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show. TheGardenLady does not know which is best nor does she recommend any cheap ticket sites. But it might be worth your checking them out.

For a list of other garden shows in England besides the Chelsea Flower
Show see here.

Then there are Flower Shows in other countries around Europe.  See here.

Those readers of TheGardenLady, let other readers know about Garden
Shows you attend or other shows not mentioned in this column.

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  • This is an awesome idea. I am a professional gardener and never even thought of this. Thanks for some good tips!

  • Thanks GardenLady,

    I googled Chelsea Flower Show and saw the beautiful green lady image which is how I ended up on your blog. She is sooo beautiful and lounging back enjoying the sunshine and contemplating the long days ahead……
    Thanks for the info and you have actually inspired me to become a member of the RHS.
    Enjoy your Summer. It is blissful at the moment, Fiona

  • A wonderful indoor flower and garden festival in Toronto.
    Check it out!

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