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Flowers from China

 This is how flower is written in both Chinese and Japanese.

So many of the beautiful flowers that we love in our gardens come from China. Yet how many gardeners realize where their plants originate? We, especially in the US and UK, are so fortunate to be able to grow these plants easily that come from China. Our gardens would be sad indeed if we did not have these plants. China is home to more than 30,000 plant species, fully one-eighth of the world total. Many, but not all, have the word sinensis in their Latin name. So we cannot always be certain if the plant originated in China. Horitculurtists still go to China to find more plants that we gardeners can grow.

One garden people can visit in China that presents hundreds of native Chinese plant species and forms is the Lan Su Chinese Garden.   For a brief list of some of the plants in British gardens and American gardens that you might be surprised to learn that originated in China, read here:

Here are two YouTube videos show some of the flowers in China’s Hengduan Mountains.

Part I
Part II

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