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Flower and Garden Shows Around the Country

Now is the time to mark your calendar so that you won’t forget to buy tickets to attend the flower and garden shows that are coming to your area. Or if you want, you can travel around the country attending wonderful flower shows before you start planting your own gardens. Here is a list of some of the Flower and Garden Shows in the US in order of the dates they are happening. It is incomplete so let TheGardenLady know of shows that she missed that will be in your area.

Rochester garden show 2009 by savage gardener

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show
– Seattle, Washington, will be held Feb. 3-7, 2010.

Southeastern Flower Show Atlanta – Georgia  Feb.4th-6th

The Yard, Garden & Patio Show – Portland, Oregon, Feb. 12-14, 2010.

The NJ Flower and Garden Show is Feb. 18th through Feb. 21st

The Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show Feb. 18th through Feb. 21st

Connecticut Flower and Garden Show Feb. 18 through Feb.21

The Philadelphia International Flower Show is Sunday, February 28th through Sunday, March 7

Epcots International Flower and Garden Festival March 3 -May 16

Wichita Garden Show – Kansas March 3 through March 7th

Nashville Lawn & Garden Show. March 4 – 7, 2010

Southwest Flower and Garden Show March, 5,6, 7 Phoenix, Arizona

Chicago Flower and Garden Show by Jim Frazier

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show will be at the NAVY PIER | MARCH 6-14, 2010

Gardenscape – The Rochester Flower Show March 11-14

San Francisco Flower & Garden Show March 24-28

Boston Flower & Garden Show March 24-28, 2010.

Boise, Idaho Flower and Garden Show March 26-28

The Cincinnati Flower Show April 17th -April 25th

The Cleveland Botanical Garden Flower Show is supposed to be on Memorial Day Weekend

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