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Excellent Gardening Lectures

morris in the spring by lisa cee

This is a great time to attend excellent gardening lectures- now before you are busy working in your gardens. The different flower shows host excellent speakers that you can hear free, just for the admission price to the flower show. Don’t fail to check the list of events when you enter the shows so that you can dash over to hear an informative talk while resting your weary feet. I have found these lectures to be under-attended.

Also, many of the Botanical gardens have excellent lecture series. I wish I could attend so many of the interesting sounding lectures that are being given all over the country. It seems like one can get a college-level horticulture or landscape education for a nominal fee by just attending. But sign up early, some of these lectures fill up quickly.

For example, The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania has a long list of classes.  The cost is nominal and you can choose from a long and varied list of topics relating to horticulture, nature and the environment for people of all ages. Their spring calendar of lectures is listed through June.

I have been looking longingly at some of the lectures at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens.

There is a Winter Lecture Series at the Santa Fee Botanical Gardens that is free to members and only seems to cost $5 to non-members.

Lectures are given in Botanical gardens throughout the world. Friends and I have been wanting to visit the gardens in Ireland so I have been checking out the lectures that are being given at The National Botanic Gardens in Glasneven, Dublin, Ireland.  See here.

By attending these lectures you are not only learning but you are supporting these wonderful public gardens. Let TheGardenLady readers know which Botanical Garden lecture series you recommend.

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