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After a hard days work in the garden, do you fill a warm bath for yourself and add Epsom salt to the water to soak those sore muscles? It is a nice treat to refresh yourself. According to the Epsom Salt Council this is a healthful remedy that people have known about for years. But it doesn’t seem like enough people know of its health benefits.

And even if you have known about Epsom salt as a treat for your body, did you know that it is also an excellent nutrient for your plants? Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, a mineral humans and plants need to survive and grow. It is used by commercial growers around the world and “the National Gardening Association confirmed that roses fertilized with Epsom Salt grow bushier and produce more flowers, and it also makes pepper plants grow larger than those treated only with commercial fertilizer. ” (see here)

TheGardenLady uses Epsom salt on her wisteria all the time. I just shake some around the root area and let the rains soak it in. Now I plan on using it on my roses, too. Here are comments on the using it from The UBC Botanical garden and Center for research.

Famous rosarian Stephen Scanniello told TheGardenLady that he puts 1/2 cup of Epsom salt around the roots of the rose shrub when he prunes it.

The Epsom Salt Council is sponsoring a contest to prove that the product works by having an Epsom salt challenge where they are asking gardeners to use Epsom salt on some of their plants and leaving some without Epsom salt this summer to see the difference. Take photos of the different plants and submit the results. All the information for the contest as well as information on how to use Epsom salt on plants is on the Epsom Salt Council website.

And please, don’t forget to save some of the Epsom salt for your baths. A healthy gardener is a happy gardener.

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