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EncoreAzalea’s Advice on Fertilizing Azaleas


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TheGardenLady received this from the EncoreAzalea company and is passing this fertilizing information on to those who grow azaleas.

If you didn’t fertilize your Encore Azaleas this spring or summer, or if you think your azaleas could use a little extra burst of energy, now is the time to fertilize.

Fertilizing promotes new growth, which can be damaged by cold weather. For this reason, we suggest that gardeners do not fertilize their Encore Azaleas after August. If you fertilize now, your Encore Azalea’s new growth should have time to establish itself before the threat of winter.

If you recently purchased your Encore Azaleas, there’s no need to fertilize now; your new plants come from the nursery equipped with all they need for the first year. Too much fertilizer can be more damaging than not enough.

Be sure to water well when fertilizing; too much fertilizer and not enough moisture can “burn” plants.

If you’re not sure what type of plant food to use, ask at your local garden center for a well-balanced, slow release, granular azalea fertilizer that is right for your area. You can tell if the mix is well-balanced if the three numbers on the packaging are the same or similar. These numbers indicate the amount of nitrogen (promotes plant growth and for foliage), phosphorus (promotes blooms), and potassium (strengthens roots and stems).

Whatever brand you choose, apply according to label instructions around the base of the shrub, and water well. The granules of fertilizer will slowly dissolve, releasing the food evenly and gradually over the roots, where it is taken up into the upper plant. Liquid fertilizer can be used more often (it is not nearly as concentrated) and can be sprinkled directly onto leaves and around roots, providing a quick boost of nutrients.

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