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Earth Day 2012 – April 22

Earth Day Embrace by jurvetson

April 22nd is Earth Day for the world to celebrate our planet, to voice your “appreciation for the planet and demand its protection. Together we will stand united for a sustainable future and call upon individuals, organizations, and governments to do their part.” (see here) What are you, your family and friends doing that day?

One small suggestion is to plan which plants you will put in your garden to help the pollinators. You don’t have to have very much land to plant just one plant. And if you really don’t have any place to plant something, join your community in creating a community garden or organize your community to create a community garden. I have a neighbor who has adopted an island in the street near his house. He plants it with bulbs and flowers for it to look beautiful all during the growing season as well as entice pollinators there.

You know how important pollinators are for the planet, so teach the next generation all about the important work the pollinators do. Share the following video with family and friends about pollinators. Not only do they do amazing work for the planet, but they help beautify the planet and feed the people and animals on our wonderful planet. Turn on the link below and sit down to listen and watch the wonders of pollinators going about their work. Share it with everyone you know, especially the children.   See here.


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