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Do You Have An Ant Problem? Try Terro Liquid Ant Baits

A new, excellent product to get rid of ants.

It is spring and the insects are starting to emerge. Ants are starting to come into the kitchen or you might find them in other parts of the house. TheGardenLady recently learned of a product that is excellent at killing a wide variety of ants. This product is called Terro Liquid Ant baits.

No, TheGardenLady does not make any money from telling you about this product. I just learned that this is a really good way to get rid of ants if they come into your house. And the baits are relatively safe; just not safe for the ants. Terro makes other products that kill ants or other insects, but TheGardenLady was only told about how good the liquid ant baits are. One of the sources who recommended the baits was from a lady in Texas.

Terro recommends that you ID the ants first because it works on many kinds of ants but doesn’t work on all types of ants. They said that you can send some of the ants to Terro to identify them. I know that you can also take some of your ants to your local Master Gardener office or Agricultural Extension Office to be ID’d.

Terro is NOT for termites. So be sure that what you see swarming are not Termites.  Again, go to the MG office or send them to the Terro company for identification. (If you have termites you will need a professional exterminator.) Terro will answer questions if you email them.

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  • Just remember your peonies need ants to bloom…so don’t put it near your peony bushes or you won’t get any flowers this year! Otherwise I agree this is an excellent and environment friendly product…it is essentially just borax in an ant yummy medium….

  • […] received an excellent comment from someone named the GartenGrl.  On this post about Terro Liquid Ant Baits she pointed out the following: Just remember your peonies need ants to bloom…so don’t […]

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