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Decorating Wreaths Made Out of Vines

Wreath Closeup by kimncris

In the last post, TheGardenLady talked about making wreaths out of vines.  In this post, TheGardenLady is going to say a little about decorating the vines for your wreaths.

To decorate the vines, you can also harvest plant material that is still in your yard. The brown dried flowers of the hydrangea are good as are seeds of plants like sumac. Or you can buy dried material or silk flowers from a craft store to fill in the vines for more color. And don’t forget the pretty ribbon.

Allen Smith shows how he decorates a grape wreath.

If you cannot pull long vines out, as the gentleman did in the first video, but can cut off pieces of vine, you can still make a wreath. Cut the vines into yard long lengths. Then you can twist the shorter pieces of vines around each other easily. It is the nature of a vine to bend and twist, so by twisting shorter lengths together, you can form a circular wreath form and then decorate it by putting the seed pods or false flowers, whatever you choose to use, in between the openings of the twisted lengths of vine.

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