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Commercial Gardening Website: Southern Living Plants

TheGardenLady gets some commercial websites sent to her that seem interesting. Because there are so many garden websites, one cannot know all of them. So I thought that if any website comes to me that may be of interest to readers of, I would put them on the blog so that you can also check them out to see if there is anything useful for you.  I do not recommend them even though I might like the sites.

The latest site I received is of new plants for gardeners who live in the south- in Hardiness Zones 7 to 9, 10 or 11. Some of the plants will even grow in Hardiness zone 6, but nothing for colder zones. Southern readers might want to see what is new for their gardens and where they can be purchased. And those of us who don’t live in these warmer zones can just drool- as I do over the Hawthornes- or get some bulbs that you might want to plant as annuals and dig up in the fall.

I especially love some of their new rhododendrons that grow in zone 6 and warmer areas as well as the new nandinas that grow in zone 6 and warmer.

These plants with planting tips and other horticulture information are on a site called Southern Living plants.  Enjoy their videos of their newest plants.

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