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Christmas Decorations

Christmas Ball-keh (Explored!) by tochis

It is that time of year again, the season when TheGardenLady loves to see all the decorations on everyone’s Christmas trees.

I was impressed that many of this year’s White House decorations were simple decorations that anyone could make. I think nothing makes a holiday as wonderful and meaningful as when everyone of all ages and all artistic abilities can participate. For example, I love the wreaths made of sheet music.

I love the new wreaths that are made to look like snowflakes- they used boxwood hot glued to cutout shapes of snowflakes.

I love the trees and swags decorated with fruit that the First Lady says are in her favorite room.


Even more than false fruit decorations, I love dried fruit or natural fruit decorations that you can make at home. Some ideas on dried fruit for the Christrmas trees can be found here.   If you have a dehydrator, you could make dried fruit slices or dry the fruit in a low oven.  (see here)  Of course, you can buy imitation fruit slice decorations at Gardeners Supply. Using herbs and spices will make the room smell even more fragrant. I still have one pomander ball my daughter made when she was younger. (see here)

For other Christmas tree decorations check out this and this.

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