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Can You Grow Pink Lady Apple Trees In South Dakota?

Pink Lady Apples on Treeby banderson0303

TheGardenLady received this question from Betty.

I was just wondering if you could grow pink lady apple trees in South Dakota. We love them apples and the store sells out as fast as they come in..

The Pink Lady apple that originates in Western Australia is a hot climate apple that grows in Temperature Zones 6 through 9. I don’t know if it is warm enough in South Dakota to grow Pink Lady apple trees. Please check your location for your temperature zone and if you are in zone 6 you can try; but if you are in a colder zone there are lots of apple trees you can grow. A list of apples for South Dakota can be found here or for northern states in general can be found here.  Also check out this site for temperature zones.

Those who live in areas warm enough to grow the Pink Lady apple tree can find them for sale on eBay or at some orchards like Willis Orchard or or Clifton Nursery.

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