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Burning Bush

Burning Bush, a.k.a. Winged Euonymus (Euonymus alatus) by derAmialtebloede

Burning Bush, a.k.a. Winged Euonymus (Euonymus alatus) by derAmialtebloede

TheGardenLady received this question from Patty:

What can I do to make my burning bush turn red?

The Burning Bush Euonymus is also known as Winged Euonymus or Spindle Tree.

If your burning bush is in enough sun, it will turn color in the fall when the weather is cool enough. Your burning bush should have been planted in soil that has good drainage; it does not like to be in excessively wet sites. For optimal fall foliage it likes full sun. If it is in partial shade it won’t have the brilliant red color. In shade the leaves might be more pinkish. The burning bushes start turning red in late summer to late fall. So if your bush grows in full sun you might still have your red bush. Full sun means that sun shines on your bush for a minimum of 6 hours each day. The Euonymus are just beginning to turn color in my area.

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  • will it affect the redness of the bush if it is cut back, mine is not turning red and my neighbors is.

  • Sooo nice! .. thanks for sharing.. I’ll now have this bush in my garden shortly as the weather is suitable for me here.. wow!! it’ll be sooo cute no? thaaaank you..

  • I have two burning bushes and neither have turned red yet. All throughout the neighborhood I am seeing red bushes, mine are slighlty pinkish on aging green leaves. They get about 4 hours of sun/day. Should I move them? If so, what is the best procedure and when should they be transplanted? I live near Lake Superior, our winter will be cold, with spring coming in April, at best.

  • My burning bush has no leaves during summer and now. I can tell it is still alive from the stems. HELP

  • my burning bush receives full sun all the time but just turns dark maroon not the flaming, blood red I see of others in my area. Soil is good and not wet or heavy. I think it must not be the right variety but can’t find information about various varieties.

  • I have two bushes. One on the side of my house that receives little to no direct sun. It turns a brilliant shade of red. And the one I just planted in the front yard gets full sun. And is not as red. It’s just starting to turn, but I don’t think it will be very vibrant. There has to be something other than sunlight that makes a difference in their color.

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