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A Good British Gardening and Landscaping Website

Now That’s a Vegetable Garden! by UGArdener


TheGardenLady is always looking for new, good websites to recommend. I love good gardening and landscape gardening ideas. And since I love British Gardens, when I can find a British website that has garden-related material, I am doubly interested.  Don’t misunderstand, I also use my favorite websites, the tried and true, such as Wikipedia, which has encyclopedic information.

Recently I discovered “SuperSavvyme” a British website. This site meets a lot of the criteria that TheGardenLady looks for. They have straightforward, inexpensive and easy tips for landscaping, such as how much garden paths add to your garden landscape or how much lighting adds to your garden with ideas of types of lighting to use.  They have tips on various plants to use in your garden- the rose growing column was particularly helpful, especially if you want to plant new rose bushes or want to know when to prune your existing rose bushes.

And don’t forget your vegetable garden. It may be too early to plant some favorite garden vegetables, but SuperSavvyme tells you which seeds you can start planting in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked- seeds like spinach, lettuce, onions, peas, etc. The site has other helpful tips for the home and for your children. And  for those lucky United Kingdom readers, this website offers coupons for discount on useful products. I wish the site gave coupons for readers in the states, too.

If readers of TheGardenLady know about other good gardening or landscaping websites, let us know about them.

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