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Birds that Visit TheGardenLady’s Garden

Early bird gets the worm…. by . : : v i S H a l : : .

TheGardenLady loves all the visitors to her garden. I love when family and friends and strangers come to see what is growing in my yard. I love to see and try to count the bees that are engrossed in sipping the nectar and are pollinating my flowers. I love seeing the butterflies flitting from flower to flower and sometimes sitting so long on a flower and drinking  so intently that one could pick the butterfly up. Though I prefer just to stand and watch, entranced.

But other visitors are very important to this Garden Lady. These visitors are the birds. At the break of dawn, they are all singing in the garden so that their voices blend in an orchestral symphony. I always want to see if I can pick out the individual bird by its song as well as its plumage.  Do my readers know the sounds of the birds in their garden?

TheGardenLady has chosen some videos of the common birds in my garden with their songs so that perhaps the reader can close her/his eyes and recognize the song. The last video is a little “quiz” to see if you can identify some other bird sounds.

One of the best sites for bird sounds is the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

I hope their list of bird songs are of birds from your area as well as birds from the United States. But if not, another useful site is  Nature Songs.   And if you like to record sounds of animals or insects or any sounds of nature, check out the Wildlife Sound Recording Society, which invites new members to join.

Northern Mockingbird


Listen here

Northern Cardinal


Other common birds


TheGardenLady will add bird songs to the end of columns where music and plants are located. Keep checking that section.

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