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African Marigolds

TheGardenLady received this question from Barry.

I direct sowed some marigolds and started 72 in a tray. Put them all about 2 months ago. Other than this I have only grown wildflowers. I had 2 different kinds and of course got them mixed up and the packages got blown away. Didn’t realize I had small regular marigolds and some that are now well over 4 feet tall with no flowers. I think they were white african marigolds. I now have small flowered marigolds in with all the big ones and these huge plants with no flowers. Now there is small things on the top that resemble grass seed pods. I pulled a plant thinking it wasn’t a marigold, I think it was. Could someone please help?

There are tall marigolds that are referred to as African marigolds. Though this Garden Lady has never planted them, the tall marigold plant is supposed to be spectacular. They are a little trickier to grow, but be patient and hopefully yours will eventually bloom. Here is an article about tall marigolds. Here is another article on them.

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