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Adding a Conservatory or Greenhouse to your Property

conservatory by lert

This GardenLady always dreamed of having a greenhouse. Other terms for the same or similar buildings are hothouse, conservatory or even sunroom.

Historically the concept of having a building that can be used to grow vegetables indoors even during the cold of winter goes back to the Romans. Apparently Tiberius was said to have eaten a cucumber-like vegetable every day. But the first modern greenhouses were built in Italy in the 13th century to keep the exotic plants that explorers brought back from the tropics. From there they spread to other European countries. Today, the Netherlands has many of the largest greenhouses in the world, some of them so vast that they are able to produce millions of vegetables every year. The conservatory at Kew Gardens may be one of the largest conservatories in the world, but I believe that the Eden Project in Cornwall England is the largest in the world.

But back to private greenhouses, there are so many varieties- at so many different prices, that if I were a younger woman, I would definitely build or have a greenhouse or conservatory put on my property. And so many of the pricier conservatories add so much to the look of the home. There are a number of retailers who provide conservatories or you can build your own – in the UK, Argos has a large conservatory section, and in the US, there are numerous possibilities. You can make them quite cheaply with plastic coverings or have fancy ones in the Victorian or Georgian style. Numerous online sites offer free building plans and instructions on how to go about building greenhouses.  See here.

If TheGardenLady readers have greenhouses or conservatories on your property, we would love to see photos of them.

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  • What’s this nonsense about ‘if I were a younger woman’? I was 65 years old when we put together an aluminum framed polycarbonate DIY greenhouse. I recommend a sturdier well built conservatory unless one is accustomed to DIY projects; electricity and plumbing and a way to heat and cool.

    Mine is a playhouse where the pets and I enjoy sunny winter days and hardy tropicals spend the winter. We are at the mercy of the elements. Recent thunderstorms caused damage, which we have repaired. No plants were lost.

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