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A private garden in Seattle, Washington

Most gardens are very private. Unlike TheGardenLady’s garden whose garden is in the front of the house for all to see, with the back yard being more natural and tranquil, most gardens are only seen by the owners and their guests.  It is exciting to get invited into a private garden to see what their garden is like.  So here are some photos of a private garden in Seattle.

Back Gate   Back Gate

Back 40          Back 40

Camus & Pac Coast Iris     Camus & Pac Coast Iris


Front door gardenFront Door Garden

Lenton RoseLenton Rose

Oregon Grape & HuckleberryOregon Grape and Huckleberry

Side rock gardenSide Rock Garden

Wisteria & Two MaplesWisteria and Two Maples

Readers of  TheGardenLady would love to see photos of your private garden. Please share your photos with us.

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