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A Frustrated Gardening Customer

Angry flowers by thegareth

TheGardenLady received this comment fromTerry.

Lori I ordered and paid for seeds on the 1st of Oct and have not seen them. I have called your weird cell phone that’s going to “tell” mother,,,,maybe 4 times now….but nope…mother never called or emailed…just took my money….forget the free shipping….Lori this is really wrong.. Go check the cell phone you use for custom service you will find my phone number there! Call me back and tell me you ARE shipping the seeds I ordered and paid for!!!!now 30 days ago! Or next week…I will cry on youtube.

TheGardenLady received this impassioned comment (and she hopes it’s not spam or trolling) and feels that she MUST respond because TheGardenLady recommended the Georgia Vines Nursery.

First TheGardenLady phoned the Georgia Vines Nursery and spoke to Travis, Lori Rubel’s son, who is now working for the company. When we were speaking, I emailed your comment to Travis who received it while we were speaking. I do not know the people who own Georgia Vines but speaking to first Lori and now her son, Travis, makes me feel like these are lovely people who own a fine nursery and who want to satisfy their customers. They felt there must be some mix-up. So to the reader who wrote this comment, please telephone Georgia Vines by using their proper telephone number which is  1- 912- 342- 3762 and explain what happened to you.

Gerogia Vines has expanded their business- last year they moved to a larger facility. Their web site is where you can see a photo of Lori who started the business and Travis, her son who is now working there. They also have a new blog.  Besides honoring your order,  I am sure they will answer any and all questions you have about vines.

Dear reader, PLEASE send TheGardenLady another comment letting everyone know that everything worked out well.

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