Wednesday, July 20th, 2016...11:39 am

A Blooming Mother-in Law Tongue Plant in June

TheGardenLady received this question from Alice.

My sister gave me two pups from her mother n laws plant about 7 years ago. She passed away in 2014. Now my plant blooms in the same month (June) that she passed. I have never saw these plants bloom before.

You are taking perfect care of your Sansevieria to get it to bloom regularly- correct amount of fertilizer, perfect light and amount of watering and properly pot bound. What a lovely memorial to have it bloom for you in June when your loved one passed. Keep up your good care so that you can be lucky enough to have the plant continue to flower.

The person in the video above has the mother-in-law plant Sansevieria, flower at the end of summer.

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  • one of my sansevieria bloomed for the first time last year….the stem appears the same but the flowers were minuscule, had no scent and lasted about a week.

  • I didn’t know they could bloom!
    What a blessing.
    It’s beautiful…

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