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5 things to do to keep more comfortable during electrical outages from storms

blackouts are fun by sandcastlematt

In the last post, TheGardenLady listed five things you should do to prepare your plants for the upcoming winter.  Here are some more tips to keep in mind if you lose power when it’s cold outside and you lose your power, as TheGardenLady did after Hurricane Sandy hit.

1) If you have a gas range but no heat warming your house, warm your kitchen and surrounding rooms by filling your largest pots with water, bringing  the water to a boil and then lowering the heat and letting the water give off steam. The steam can raise the temperature in your house by about 10 degrees so that it feels comfortable. TheGardenLady uses her biggest soup pots, putting one on each of the 4 burners. This is what our grandmothers did before central heating.  Keep the pots filled with water, adding water as they boil down but don’t let them boil so hard they put out the flame and don’t let the water boil out.

2) Wear a hat when sleeping.  Though scientists now say that you only lose 10% of your body heat through your head, that is still a good portion of heat loss when the house is cold. I hope you are wearing silk underwear or thermal underwear under your flannel pajamas. TheGardenLady wears fleece on top of the flannel.

3) Consider buying emergency equipment and warm clothes in Camping and Surplus stores or online. Campers know how to keep warm and they don’t spend a fortune on equipment. There is a catalytic heater that can be used in a tent safely that heats for 14 hours that, I believe,  can be used safely indoors. (Check to be sure)   You can find some of the best lights that keep shining for hours like this LED lamp or head lights that keep your hands free. (see here) And consider getting a crank type portable radio.

4) Consider having freeze dried food in the house for emergencies with extra water. The Mormans have a supply of food stocked for a year against emergencies. There are many online sales of such food.

5) Stock up on great reading material from your book store or public library for every family member and have a pile of great games or toys that the entire family can enjoy playing or doing together- such as those toys sold in catalogs like this.

Remember, there is not much one can do against Mother Nature’s wrath. When the storm comes, you know you have prepared for it to the best of your ability. Now sit back and enjoy this precious time together with your family and friends or by yourself, if need be. Remember- Let it Snow (or blow or rain)

Are you ready for the next storm? And do you have suggestions for the readers of TheGardenLady blog to make life more comfortable when modern conveniences aren’t functioning?

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