Entries from June 2011

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011


Agastache foeniculum by squamatologist One of the herbs that I bought at Russell Gardens Wholesale was Agastache foeniculum – Giant Hyssop or Anise Hyssop ‘Blue Fortune’. Though I bought the plant, it is easy to grow it from seed. And if you have friends who have Agastache, I feel certain that they will be happy […]

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Flowers In TheGardenLady’s Garden with a Few Photographs

Garden Bust by Dara Mina Ceramics with plant in head behind and primroses that are in seed in front. I try to have flowers blooming as long during the year as flowers will bloom. That means that only when there is snow on the ground is my outdoor garden without flowers. Most of my flowers […]

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Good time to buy garden supplies

Supplies from Home Depot by cybertoad I have been surprised to find plant nurseries offering sales already. In my area a favorite nursery is having 50% off on everything in the nursery. It seems really early in the gardening season for these sales. I don’t know the reason for such early sales; there seem to […]

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Information on Acid Loving Plants

TheGardenLady received this question from Joan. I have been trying to get a complete list of acid loving plants, trees, bushes, etc., but am only getting partial ones. Can you please help me? I would greatly appreciate it. A number of readers have been interested in getting information on acid loving plants. There are many […]

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Rose Thorns Can Be Dangerous

Rose thorns by DRB62 TheGardenLady received this question from Sandie. Funny thing happened to me today. I was pruning roses and got a brief stick in the knuckle over my pinkie by a very large thorn. I bled a little, but being a tough gal, I went on with my task at hand. A few […]

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Project BudBurst Answers Your Ecological Questions

As we are experiencing unusually hot weather for June on the East Coast and in other parts of the country, like Chicago, one wonders what will be the best choice in plants for the garden. Will those plant hardiness zone charts be valid as they presently are or will there be changes to the recommendations […]

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Good Companian Plants to Deter Bean Beetles

Nasty beetles eating everything. by Jason Riedy A reader asked which plants would be good companion plants to grow with her beans to deter bean beetles. TheGardenLady would plant a variety of plants that deter bean beetles, if you have the room in your garden. Then you can hope that at least one will work. […]

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Unique Gift: Create Your Own Rose and Name It

Would you like this rose named for you? Have you ever wanted to give the perfect gift to someone? Or have you ever wanted to honor someone special in the perfect way? A group from Princeton, NJ, wrote to TheGardenLady with such a request. They wanted to honor a beloved mayor with a rose named […]

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Epsom Salt – Great for your Body and for your Plants

CreativeTools.se – PackshotCreator – Epsom salt by Creative Tools After a hard days work in the garden, do you fill a warm bath for yourself and add Epsom salt to the water to soak those sore muscles? It is a nice treat to refresh yourself. According to the Epsom Salt Council this is a healthful […]

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

More Questions about Knock Out Roses

Knock Out Roses by hozn TheGardenLady received this question from Mary Jane about a problem she was having with her knock out roses. I planted eight knock out roses in the sun last year and they bloomed. After blooming the first year I put mulch on the base of the rose bush and the ground […]