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10 of TheGardenLady’s favorite free sites

There are so very many great gardening websites to get gardening or plant advice, but here are 10 of TheGardenLady’s favorite free online sites.  Let us hope they remain free.

In the US and Canada and some other world countries there are:

Each State’s agricultural extension has FREE gardening information. Type in your state followed by the words state agricultural extension. For example, if you live in Kansas, and type in Kansas agricultural extension you will get this. You can use any state’s extension but be sure the info can be used in your area. You cannot get better gardening information anywhere.

The state agricultural extension work hand in hand with the:

1. Master Gardeners of your county. Again you cannot get better advice. Example of how to locate them: If you live in Montgomery County, Md. Type in Master Gardeners of Montgomery County Md and you will get

General gardening sites:

2. Mother Earth News

3. The Old Farmers Almanac

4. Kitchen Gardeners International

5. Garden Guides

6. Daves Garden

7. Videos on gardening YouTubeGardening

In the UK there are

8. this


9. this:

You can get advice to your gardening problems or concerns on these sites. These are TheGardenLady’s favorites; let us know the sites you recommend.

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