May 20th, 2015

A private garden in Seattle, Washington

Most gardens are very private. Unlike TheGardenLady’s garden whose garden is in the front of the house for all to see, with the back yard being more natural and tranquil, most gardens are only seen by the owners and their guests.  It is exciting to get invited into a private garden to see what their garden is like.  So here are some photos of a private garden in Seattle.

Back Gate   Back Gate

Back 40          Back 40

Camus & Pac Coast Iris     Camus & Pac Coast Iris


Front door gardenFront Door Garden

Lenton RoseLenton Rose

Oregon Grape & HuckleberryOregon Grape and Huckleberry

Side rock gardenSide Rock Garden

Wisteria & Two MaplesWisteria and Two Maples

Readers of  TheGardenLady would love to see photos of your private garden. Please share your photos with us.

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May 14th, 2015

Flowers Growing in the TheGardenLady’s Garden


TheGardenLady readers might like to see a list of the flowers growing in my garden this year.

A list of most of the Plants in TheGardenLady’s garden

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May 11th, 2015

Some Flowers in the TheGardenLady’s Garden on Mother’s Day

photo 1Photo 1

Photo 1: Snowball Bush Viburnum that is in a garden overlooking the woods and stream on the property. Because this Viburnum is the focal point and the area is shaded, TheGardenLady is trying to make this a White Garden. The major plantings have “whitish” flowers. There are Korean Spice Bushes and a Fothergilla that just finished blooming. I just planted a white Hybrid Musk rose that I hope will bloom in this shady garden. Someone wrote that everyone should have a white garden. The most famous White Garden is in England, created in the 1930s by Rita Sackville-West in her garden called Sissinghurst.

photo 2Photo 2

photo 2Photo 2

Photo 2: My front garden has color and this is the Chinese Tree Peony I bought from Cricket Hill Nursery. This year it has a dozen pink flowers. What the photo does not show is that it is surrounded by blue wood hyacinths and blue cammasias.

photo 3Photo 3

Photo 3 The path leading to my front door is planted with daffodils and pansies. Even though the plant does not last long where I live, I love pansies. To get more flowering, I plant them in the fall and they return in the spring- then die when the weather gets hot.

photo 2Photo 4

photo 4Photo 4

Photo 4: A side garden with colorful plants. This photo shows two azaleas and a Scarlet Heaven Intersectional peony in bloom near a giant hosta. The photo does not show the dicentra, bleeding hearts and the anemone sylvestris, spring anemone that are in bloom in front. (The tree is an ornamental flowering crab apple.)

photo 5Photo 5

Photo 5: Is a close-up of a Wisteria that is growing as a Standard Wisteria Tree. TheGardenLady also has one growing as a vine on a fence.

April 30th, 2015

10 of TheGardenLady’s favorite free sites

There are so very many great gardening websites to get gardening or plant advice, but here are 10 of TheGardenLady’s favorite free online sites.  Let us hope they remain free.

In the US and Canada and some other world countries there are:

Each State’s agricultural extension has FREE gardening information. Type in your state followed by the words state agricultural extension. For example, if you live in Kansas, and type in Kansas agricultural extension you will get this. You can use any state’s extension but be sure the info can be used in your area. You cannot get better gardening information anywhere.

The state agricultural extension work hand in hand with the:

1. Master Gardeners of your county. Again you cannot get better advice. Example of how to locate them: If you live in Montgomery County, Md. Type in Master Gardeners of Montgomery County Md and you will get

General gardening sites:

2. Mother Earth News

3. The Old Farmers Almanac

4. Kitchen Gardeners International

5. Garden Guides

6. Daves Garden

7. Videos on gardening YouTubeGardening

In the UK there are

8. this


9. this:

You can get advice to your gardening problems or concerns on these sites. These are TheGardenLady’s favorites; let us know the sites you recommend.

April 21st, 2015

Finding Mirabilis Jalapa

TheGardenLady received this question from Chitra.

I love to grow plants and enjoy every moment.  I love mirabilis jalapa, the vibrant colors, but I couldn’t get the seeds and plants to buy in New Delhi.Please let me know the names and contact numbers of places to buy the seeds or plants.

Mirabilis Jalapa is a pretty, fragrant flower with the common name in the US of Marvel of Peru because it was said to have originally come from Peru. It is sometimes called the four o’clock flower because it supposedly opens at 4 o’clock on sunny days.

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April 16th, 2015

Garden Freebies

Who doesn’t like freebies?. Did you know that your garden can get some really good freebies?.

For example, do you compost? The garbage you have left over that is uneaten or that rots should never be discarded. It should be composted. By composting you are creating the best soil that will give back nutrients to the earth. In fact, you might be fined if you don’t compost this garbage. One city has already started forbidding the tossing out of food. Seattle has a garbage law that will fine residents if they do throw it out. (see here) So save your non-meat scraps, save your mowed lawn clippings, save your raked leaves and compost everything for FREE soil that is the best soil you can have in your garden.

Or save the seeds from vegetables and fruits you might have bought to eat. Many, not all, will grow in your garden. Directions on how to do this is in the video. These seeds are FREE.

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April 14th, 2015

VIDEO: How to Make Vegetable Noodles (Without a Spiralizer)

While everyone loves a good pasta, filling up on a ton of carbs isn’t what we’re always going for. Thankfully, there are a lot of healthy and tasty alternatives in the form of vegetables, and we’re here to show you how you can eat pasta without any guilt. And while the spiralizer is a great invention, it’s something most people don’t own, so we’re going to show a few different ways to achieve the same noodle with various kitchen appliances.

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April 8th, 2015

VIDEO: How To Plant A Terrarium

Want to know how to plant a terrarium? Here are the details and materials needed to get that gorgeous, lush terrarium on your bookshelf or coffee table!

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April 7th, 2015

VIDEO: Can Certain Foods Improve Eyesight?

Is it true that certain foods, like carrots, can keep the eye doctor away? WSJ contributor Heidi Mitchell and Dr. Emily Chew discuss. Photo: AP

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April 3rd, 2015

Unusual vegetables for 2015

As catalogs keep coming to the mailbox to be read and as this GardenLady scans the Internet for new and interesting plants for 2015, I thought it might be fun to write about some exciting and unusual vegetables to be considered for this summer’s gardens.

The most unusual plant I have seen this year is a tomato/potato plant called “Ketchup ‘n’ Fries”  or “Tom Tato” (see here). These plants grow cherry tomatoes on top and white potatoes underground on the same plant so that if you have limited space to grow vegetables or you want to grow one plant in a pot on your deck, this is the perfect plant.

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